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Web Design Tips

When designing a professional looking website, consider avoiding the follow items:

  • Flash intros, animated mail boxes, spinning graphics, animated GIFs, etc.

  • Free Hit counters, which say "You are 100th visitor today" AVOID! Use Webalizer stats or similar program instead.

  • Try to avoid using pop up, pop under, or pop whatever boxes.

  • Avoid busy, confusing backgrounds, keep it clean and simple.

  • Always use a consistent color scheme throughout your website.

  • Content is king - always have fresh, interesting content. Google web crawlers love fresh and original content, thus positioning your website to a higher search engine ranking.

  • Autoplay music. Always allow your visitor to play music only if they desire to do so.

  • Keep things simple - Ultimately the goal of any website layout is to get visitors from point A to B as fast as possible. Simple, to the point, yet intuitive interfaces are the way to go.

  • External Links - It's always best to open external website links in a new window. That way your visitors will return to your website when they're finished browsing the external website.

  • Try not to go too wild on special effects - While it's fine to have a few cool effects to spiff up your website, but too many spinning objects and logos can distract your visitors from the all-important content, plus not to mention the excessively long website download times. Your visitors may leave the site even before your spinning logo has finished loading. Always design a website with the visitor in mind.