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Cool New Concept Page - Move Objects Around The Page

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Instructions: This concept will work on a Desktop or Laptop computer. Simply press and hold the Left Mouse Button on the desired object, and while you continue to hold down the Left Mouse Button, you can drag the object anywhere you want on the page. We even made the navigation bar and our logo above moveable. Release the Left Mouse Button and the object will stay at the location that you have selected. Refresh the page and everything resets back to their original positions. What’s great about this concept, there are no special software programs to download, just click and move the object. You can always do screen capture using the Snipping Tool on Windows based computers, Apple has a similar tool. Plus you can download many free screen capture tools, or just print the page. Images below are for demonstration purposes only, any image or GIF could be used. This is a PWT Group page concept. Enjoy!